Member community events

All events listed are a mixture of online and physical events, including technical presentations, social events and IChemE membership activities. 

We hold a variety of events available to all. For member-only events, please log in to MyIChemE to view and register. 

Annual General Meeting: Thames Valley Member Group

Thames Valley (UK)

General meeting to elect the new committee, update the membership on the past year and on the planned future events.

  • Date From 17th July 2024
  • Date To 17th July 2024
  • Location Online: 18:00 BST. Duration: 1 hour 30 mins.

Annual Meeting: National Early Careers Group (Malaysia)

National Early Careers Group

Annual meeting for National Early Careers Group (NECG) Malaysia, session 2024/25.

  • Date From 18th July 2024
  • Date To 18th July 2024
  • Location Online: 15:00 MYT. Duration: 1 hour.

Annual Meeting: Fluid Separations Special Interest Group

Fluid Separations

Annual meeting and election of officers.

  • Date From 19th July 2024
  • Date To 19th July 2024
  • Location Online, 12:00 BST, Duration: 1 hour.

Webinar: Decarbonisation Through Energy Efficiency: Southeast Asian Approaches

Energy Community of Practice

Southeast Asian perspectives on energy efficiency best practice.

  • Date From 19th July 2024
  • Date To 19th July 2024
  • Location Online: 16:00 MYT. Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Drax Power Station Visit

North and West Yorkshire (UK)

Site visit to Drax Power Station & Networking Refreshments

  • Date From 19th July 2024
  • Date To 19th July 2024
  • Location Drax Power Station, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 8PH.

Webinar: Advanced Imaging Techniques for Engineering and Sustainable Applications

Particle Technology

Recent advances in non-intrusive imaging techniques for particle technologies in sustainable applications.

  • Date From 23rd July 2024
  • Date To 23rd July 2024
  • Location Online: 10:00 BST. Duration: 1 hour.

Webinar: Benefits of Continuous Direct Compression Process and its Digital Twin


The webinar will explore the Continuous Direct Compression (CDC) process and its digital twin technology.

  • Date From 24th July 2024
  • Date To 24th July 2024
  • Location Online: 12:00 BST. Duration: 1 hour.

University College London East Tour 2024

London and South East Coast Young (UK)

UCL East will be hosting a tour of their chemical engineering teaching and research facilities. Open to both students and professionals.

  • Date From 25th July 2024
  • Date To 25th July 2024
  • Location UCL East, Marshgate Building, Ground floor, 7 Sidings Street, Stratford, London, UK, E20 2AE.

Webinar: Building Greenhouse Gas Inventories to Shape a Brighter Future

Trinidad and Tobago

A seminar on building greenhouse gas inventories, how this can be used and to thoroughly examine current processes and create greener industries.

  • Date From 25th July 2024
  • Date To 25th July 2024
  • Location Online: 17:30 AST. Duration 1 hour.

Joint Appita and IChemE Technical Meeting

New Zealand

We would like to invite members to the annual Appita and IChemE technical meeting. This includes the opportunity to enjoy a buffet dinner before the technical programme.

  • Date From 25th July 2024
  • Date To 25th July 2024
  • Location Copthorne Hotel, Fenton Street, Rotorua.

Webinar: Digital Twin Technology Combined with In-memory Computing to Track the Behavior of Live Systems

Process Management & Control

Using digital twins to track and simulate large systems.

  • Date From 26th July 2024
  • Date To 26th July 2024
  • Location Online: 15:00 BST. Duration: 1 hour.

Webinar: Using AI/ML Model to Calibrate Model

Oil and Natural Gas

This webinar will discuss using AI/ML model to calibrate model.

  • Date From 30th July 2024
  • Date To 30th July 2024
  • Location Online: 18:00 MYT. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.