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A brief history of fuel production at Springfields

A brief history of fuel production at Springfields
  • Date From 30th October 2019
  • Date To 30th October 2019
  • Price Free of charge
  • Location Barton Grange Hotel, 746-768 Garstang Road, Barton, Preston, PR3 5AA

IChemE's North Lancashire are pleased to announce their evening presentation, discussing the continuation of Westinghouse Springfields site history. 

Springfields has produced over 12 million fuel elements and pins and can manufacture fuel for most types of nuclear reactors. Since 1946, Springfields has supplied products and services to customers in 11 countries.

Today the site has the most modern nuclear fuel manufacturing plant in the world and the fuel produced at Springfields provides around 15% of the nation’s electricity. The success of the past 70 years has laid the foundation for the future and as the site transforms into the centre of Westinghouse’s operations in the UK, it has truly come of age!



The presentation will cover

  • when did the nuclear age begin?
  • what is nuclear energy?
  • Springfields history commencing from the 1960's
  • fuel manufacture and developments of metal and oxide-based fuels 
  • potential fuels for the nuclear future 

Guest speaker

Paul Stirzaker - Head of AGR Fuel Design, Westinghouse Springfields Fuels Plc.

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