Tony Margetts

Tony Margetts

  • Position Committee Member

Tony is Principle Consultant for Factorytalk’s Compliance department and a highly experienced and leading international pharmaceutical and chemical engineering practitioner and project manager with 35 years working experience in the chemical/pharmaceutical/medical device industries. He worked for AstraZeneca (formerly Zeneca and ICI Pharmaceuticals) from 1988 until 2003.

He has been responsible for a variety of international projects, eg leading teams responsible for technical transfers, new product introductions and preparations for international, European and US FDA preapproval and regulatory inspections

Tony was chairman for the editorial review of the latest version GAMP 5, published in 2008 which has now become the world wide reference for computer validation in the healthcare industries. He was also one of the authors of the recent GAMP Guide ‘Records & Data Integrity’.

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