Vicky Lange

Vicky Lange

  • Position Secretary

Vicky is a senior scientist (chemical engineer) within the Flexible API Supply Technology (FAST) group at Pfizer in Sandwich, UK. At Pfizer, Vicky is working at the exciting interface between chemistry and chemical engineering - delivering on the design and development of scalable continuous processes to pharmaceutical drug candidates, as well as, providing engineering support for technology transfer to Pfizer’s manufacturing sites.

She joined Pfizer, after working with Baxter Healthcare as a process engineering project manager. Vicky obtained her PhD in chemical engineering from University of Nottingham, where she specialised on the development of multiphase reaction and separation technologies using ionic liquids. Vicky then completed her postdoctoral research studies at UCL on intensified liquid-liquid extractions, where she was also appointed lecturer (teaching) - process plant design. In addition to her involvement in the Pharma Special Interest Group, Vicky is a representative for Pfizer at the IQ Consortium - Drug Substance Continuous Manufacturing Working Group.

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