About Knovel

Knovel is an online resource combining books, technical information, interactive equations and analytical tools.

Through IChemE, members have free access to over 300 leading reference works and databases that enable you to:

  • quickly find answers to technical engineering questions
  • gain access to information hidden in complex graphs, equations and tables using analytical and search tools
  • access reference books across a range of chemical engineering topics including petroleum engineering, sustainability, design, process safety and loss prevention, water treatment, bioprocess and biotechnology, materials selection and safety compliance.
New for 2023/24

The following titles are new for 2023/24. Alternatively, view the full list of available resources.

  • Chemical Engineering Design - Principles; Practice and Economics of Plant and Process Design (3rd Edition)
  • Chemical Engineering in Practice - Design; Simulation and Implementation (3rd Edition)
  • Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry - R&D to Manufacturing
  • Distillation - Principles and Practice (2nd Edition)
  • Emergency Relief Simulation - Sizing; Rating and Behaviour
  • Engineering Design and Optimization of Thermofluid Systems
  • Environmental Chemicals Desk Reference
  • Fuels and Lubricants Handbook - Technology; Properties; Performance; and Testing (2nd Edition): (MNL 37-2nd-EB)
  • Green Pulp and Paper Industry - Biotechnology for Ecofriendly Processing
  • Green Sustainable Process for Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Science - Solvents for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Guide to ASTM Test Methods for the Analysis of Petroleum Products; Liquid Fuels; and Lubricants (3rd Edition): (MNL 44-3rd-EB)
  • Handbook for Laboratory Safety
  • Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications - Engineering Design; Risk Assessment; and Codes and Standards
  • Industrial Water Tube Boiler Design - Formulas in Practice
  • Methanol - Science and Engineering
  • Methods in Chemical Process Safety - Methods to Assess and Manage Process Safety in Digitalized Process System
  • Optimized Equipment Lubrication - Conventional Lube; Oil Mist Technology; and Full Standby Protection (2nd Edition)
  • Polymers - A Property Database (2nd Edition)
  • Process Hazard Identification Guidebook
  • Process Simulation Batch Distillation - Design; Implementation and Operation
  • Product and Process Design Principles - Synthesis; Analysis; and Evaluation (4th Edition)
  • Sulfuric Acid Manufacture - Analysis; Control; and Optimization (2nd Edition)
  • Surfactants and Detergents - Chemistry and Applications

Can't find what you're looking for?

We review the list of titles available to IChemE members annually and use search records to ensure the most sought-after volumes are available wherever possible. If you have a specific book you would like us to consider, please contact us.

To find out more about accessing the full breadth of the content available, please contact Knovel and reference IChemE.

What can I use Knovel for?

  • solving design problems
  • look up a chemical formula
  • locating new materials
  • improving processes
  • spec out project plans
  • research into new topics
  • validate assumptions and equipment.

New to Knovel?

These training videos and online support will help you navigate your way around Knovel.

To access Knovel

To access Knovel, log in to MyIChemE and navigate to Resources.

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