Natural Hazards

Characterising the risks posed by natural hazards such as extreme wind, flooding and hail to high value energy infrastructure is key to improving the design of such systems and informing investment decisions.

You can access twelve technical volumes that set out a framework and good practice for characterising natural hazards, along with five associated case studies. The materials were funded by the ETI and delivered by EDF Energy, the Met Office and Mott Macdonald, with support from IChemE and the IMechE.

Available publications are: 

Volume 1 - Introduction to the technical volumes and case studies
Volume 2 - Extreme high and low air temperature
Volume 3 - Extreme wind
Volume 4 - Extreme rainfall
Volume 5 - River flooding
Volume 6 - Coastal flooding
Volume 7 - Seismic, volcanic and geological hazards
Volume 8 - Hail
Volume 9 - Lightning
Volume 10 - Space weather
Volume 11 - Marine biological fouling
Volume 12 - Hazard combinations

Case Study 1 - Trawsfynydd
Case Study 2 - Dounreay
Case Study 3 - Hunterston
Case Study 4 - Teesmouth
Case Study 5 - Cottam

Natural Hazards Project

Visit the IMechE website to access the technical volumes and case studies.

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