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Submissions to LPB are welcome. Please familiarise yourself with our Guidelines for Authors prior to sending an article. 

We are currently running a series on Accidents of the coming years. We welcome your views on what repeatable accidents you predict we will see over the next few years, why these same accidents keep happening, and what are we failing to learn. Please fill in the template with your ideas and return to the editor.

In addition we are focusing on the following topics for Special Issues and would therefore particularly welcome papers on:

  • safety issues in SMEs
  • ageing plant
  • lessons from other industries
  • management of change
  • hazardous waste
  • hidden hazards
  • transfer of hazardous materials
  • electrostatic hazards
  • security.

If you can help on these or any other topic or you would like to discuss your ideas further contact the editor, Tracey Donaldson.

See also the publications ethics statement for LPB.