Geldart Medal

The Geldart Medal was introduced in 2014 to recognise a major contribution to research in the area of particle technology.

Derek Geldart was renowned in particular for his diagram classifying powders according to their fluidisation behaviour, and respected member of the worldwide particle technology community. Geldart was Emeritus Professor of Powder Technology at Bradford University in the UK and is remembered as "one of the most prominent professors in the field of fluidisation and powder technology".

The medal will be awarded to an individual who has made a significant recent contribution to research in particle technology. This will be recognised through scientific advancements widely acknowledged within the community and high impact findings recognised outside the particle technology community. 

Nominations will be considered by a panel including industrial and academic members, and a shortlist and preferred name submitted to IChemE’s Medals and Prizes Committee.

How to nominate

Nominations open on 1 September and close on 31 October each year unless specified otherwise.

For more information and to nominate, visit the make a nomination section.

Medal winners
  • 2021 — J Grace
  • 2018/19 — D R Williams
  • 2016 — J Litster
  • 2014 — C Thornton