Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide multidisciplinary networks for the exchange of ideas and information, steer IChemE's technical positioning on the challenges facing modern society, and forge links with partners across the scientific and engineering communities.

The medals were created and led by their relevant groups. They recognise outstanding articles, design projects, teaching, and individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to their field.

Clean Energy Medal

Awarded by the Clean Energy SIG in recognition of an individuals outstanding service in the field of Clean Energy, including but not limited to mitigation of climate change, reduction of pollutant emission and reducing utilisation of non-renewable feedstocks.

Donald Medal

Awarded by the Biochemical Engineering Special Interest Group, the Donald Medal recognises an individual for outstanding service in biochemical engineering.

Franklin Medal

Awarded by the Safety & Loss Prevention Special Interest Group, the Franklin Medal recognises an individual for their outstanding service in the fields of occupational health, safety, loss prevention and care for the environment.

Lees Medal

Awarded by the Safety & Loss Prevention Special Interest Group, the Lees Medal is awarded to the author, or authors, of the best article on the topic of safety and loss prevention in an IChemE publication.

Macnab-Lacey Prize

Awarded by the Sustainability Special Interest Group, the Macnab-Lacey Prize is awarded to the undergraduate student design project team whose design project submission best shows how chemical engineering practice can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Sustainability Teaching Award

Awarded by the Sustainability and Education Special Interest Groups, the award recognises the outstanding contribution of an individual, or individuals, in the teaching of sustainability to the next generation of chemical engineers.