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Advances in Biopharmaceutical Practices

Advances in Biopharmaceutical Practices
  • Date From 28th March 2019
  • Date To 28th March 2019
  • Price Free
  • Location Birch Suite, Rochestown Park Hotel, Rochestown Road, Douglas, Co. Cork, Ireland

Over the past 40 years Biopharmaceutical Operations and Processes have seen a number of innovations changing the very shape and functionality of facilities. To benefit from these changes, it is prescient to share best practice and approaches across the sector. Some of the key areas of innovation include both Buffer Preparation and Single Use Technology deployment. This presentation will give a view of the current thinking from international forums such as BioPhorum and ISPE given by practitioners implementing them.

Single Use technology has been a game changer in facility operation and design. Getting the right operational approach and matching that with standard approaches is a key design skill. We will take an opportunity to look back on the technologies beginnings; practice in existing and future facilities, with a review of the latest industry guidance from ISPE.

Buffer Preparation is a key focus area for BioPhorum. The presentation addresses this industry challenge, providing an update on their developments. It includes a significant collaboration taking place between an innovation hub and BioPhorum whereby a prototype Buffer Stock Blending Skid is being developed. The aim is to democratise this technology using an “open source” prototype. Through testing carried out as part of the collaboration, it is expected to demonstrate the benefits of this approach, and drive adoption as an industry standard practice.


Adam Hawthorne, MSc (Hons), AIChemE - BioProcess Engineer, PM Group

Adam Hawthorne is a BioProcess Engineer with PM Group with over ten years of experience across a variety of assignments in Biopharmaceutical process and facility design for a range of clients. Adam’s experience includes Biologics, Fill Finish, ADC, Cell & Gene Therapy for Biopharma sector clients in Europe, US and Asia at commercial and R&D scales.

Kevin Gibson, BEng (Hons), AIChemE - Senior Process Engineer, PM Group

Kevin Gibson is a Senior Process Engineer with PM Group with eight years of experience in a variety of roles across the Biopharma sector. He has supported a variety of assignments in process and mechanical design including process simulation and is an active participant in the BioPhorum Buffer Preparation Working Group Team.


18:00 arrival with a 18:30 start. 

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served on arrival. 


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