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Carbon Emissions in the Water Industry Webinar

Carbon Emissions in the Water Industry Webinar

21st June 2021

On 9 June, Chris Thurston, Head of Sustainability for Watercare presented a webinar on where emissions occur and tools for decision making.

The New Zealand government is in the process of setting annual emissions budgets. The emissions trading scheme is ramping up the price of carbon and low carbon solutions are becoming an expectation. These actions are measured in a metric that will become common place – tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).

Chris provided an overview of where Watercare’s greenhouse gas emissions occur - from delivering water and wastewater services to Aucklanders everyday through to the infrastructure being built to support that population for the next 100 years. He presented some of the wins and the challenges Watercare are having as well as the quest to include tCO2e as a new metric to be used in decision making as New Zealand aims for net zero emissions.

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Please note the first minute was not recorded.

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