Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Fernando Russo Abegao

Fernando Russo Abegao

  • Position Committee Webmaster and ECM

Fernando holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and he is a member of the Process Intensification Group at Newcastle University. His research focus on heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering. His main interest is gaining a fundamental understanding of the synthesis processes for catalytic materials, and how to translate that into optimal catalyst activity and efficient catalyst manufacturing processes. As application and case study areas, Fernando works on biorenewable chemicals and fuels, carbon dioxide conversion, intensified synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts, integrated and intensified designs of catalyst and reactors, and photocatalysis. Previously, Fernando did build up an extensive background in industrial catalysis, working at Johnson Matthey as a Senior Research Scientist and Process Development Engineer. 

Fernando joined the CRE SIG as webmaster as he enjoys a role in communicating and disseminating science and research in catalysis and reaction engineering, as well as the SIG opportunities to network with other chemical engineers with shared interests.

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