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Chartered Member Stage 3: Professional Review

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Once you have fulfilled the criteria for Stages 1 and 2 of the journey to professional registration, you are ready to commence Stage 3, the Professional Review, which is the final step to becoming a Chartered Chemical Engineer. At the Professional Review stage, you demonstrate your competence and commitment to the profession.

The Professional Review comprises two components:

  1. A review of documentary evidence.
  2. An interview.

Documentary evidence

The main component of the documentary evidence is a Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report. The report includes the following sections:

  • Section A: Evidence of applying your knowledge and understanding to practical situations
  • Section B: Evidence that you are able to handle the wider implications of your work as an engineer
  • Section C: Evidence of your interpersonal, leadership and communication skills
  • Section D: Evidence to show that you are committed to high standards of professional and ethical conduct
  • Section E: Continuing professional development (CPD).

You may find it useful to use the C&C report preparatory template before making your application online (although this is not compulsory). When you are ready to submit your report, you can copy and paste the information you entered in the template directly into your online application You will also need to provide verification of the C&C report, and appropriate references.


Your C&C report will form the basis of the interview, which is intended to be a positive experience in which the onus is on you to demonstrate that you meet the Chartered Chemical Engineer requirements.

The word count confines the C&C report to present only a summary of work carried out in professional practice.

The interview allows you to give a wider context to your work. The discussion will use the topics presented in the C&C report and may cover each section, therefor you should be prepared to discuss all the evidence set out in your report. The professional reviewers will give you the opportunity to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your experience and knowledge. On occasion, they may ask questions that range beyond what you have laid out in your C&C report to allow you to give more examples.

The interview will be conducted by two professional reviewers; it is typically held virtually or at the place of work of once of the professional reviewers.

Read the Stage 3 guidance document for more information >>