Underwood Medal

The Underwood Medal recognises a major contribution to research in the area of separations.

The medal is named after Dr AJV Underwood, OBE, researcher, consultant, teacher, and member of IChemE’s Council, now best known for his distillation design equation.

The medal is awarded to one or more individuals from academia or industry who are making a significant, sustained contribution to research in the area of separations. The contribution can be, but need not be limited to, the development of the science, engineering or understanding behind one or more separation technologies. Impact of the contribution should be seen to address global challenges in engineering and/or sustainable development.

Nominations will be considered by a panel of experts, who will recommend a winner to IChemE’s Medals and Prizes Committee.

Criteria this medal will be judged against are:

  1. scientific advances – significantly moving the state of the art of separations
  2. originality – sustained, original contribution to the field, as evidenced by patents, publications and/or citations
  3. scope and significance – demonstrated potential application of the separation technology to address challenging global problems
  4. impact – contributions are already widely used within and outside the separations community.

How to nominate

To make a nomination, open the online nomination form and complete the information requested, paying attention to the criteria the medal will be judged against. The closing date for nominations is 31 October 2024.

Please note the following:

  • additional documents submitted outside the information provided in the nomination form will not be considered by the judges (unless specified otherwise)
  • we do not accept self-nominations
  • we do not accept nominations for sitting members of the Board of Trustees
  • unless indicated otherwise, medals/prizes are generally awarded to individuals — a single medal shall be presented in all cases.

Contact medals@icheme.org for more information.

Previous medal winners
  • 2023 — L Deng, M Sandru and R J Spontak
  • 2020 — H Wang
  • 2018 — W Jin
  • 2016 — A G Livingston
  • 2014 — N Tai-Shung Chung