Lees Medal

The Lees Medal recognises the most meritorious publication on the topic of safety and loss prevention in an IChemE publication (journals, books, web resources).

Frank Lees, a professor of chemical engineering at Loughborough University, made major contributions to safety literature including the iconic book "Lees' Loss Prevention in the Process Industries".

Nominations are sought from anyone interested in the subject area, including shortlisted entries from editors of the relevant publications. 

The Safety & Loss Prevention Special Interest Group recommends a winner to the Medals and Prizes Committee.

Criteria this medal will be judged against are:

  1. readability
  2. presentation
  3. originality
  4. technical merit
  5. usefulness/impact on the reader.

How to nominate

Nominations for the 2024 medals and prizes are now closed. 

To make a nomination, download the nomination form and complete the information requested, paying attention to the criteria the medal will be judged against. Please return the completed form to medals@icheme.org by the closing date.

Please note the following:

  • additional documents submitted outside the information provided in the nomination form will not be considered by the judges (unless specified otherwise)
  • we do not accept self-nominations
  • we do not accept nominations for sitting members of the Board of Trustees
  • unless indicated otherwise, medals/prizes are generally awarded to individuals — a single medal shall be presented in all cases.

Contact medals@icheme.org for more information.

Previous medal winners
  • 2023 — P Marsh
  • 2021 — A Hynds and S Templeton
  • 2020 — M Rantell
  • 2019 — M Lynch
  • 2018 — K P Miller
    Quantifying Risk and How It All Goes Wrong
  • 2017 — S C O’Hern, M C Stern, D M Anderson, A Ibarreta and T J Myers 
  • 2015 — F Macleod
  • 2012 — A J Wilday, N Paltrinieri, R Farret, J Hebrard and L Breedveld
  • 2010 — H T Dearden
  • 2009 — H Mahgerefteh, S Brown, M Bilio and M Fairweather
  • 2008 — C J Beale
  • 2007 — S Connolly and L Cusco
  • 2006 — G Atkinson and N Riley
  • 2005 — L Fernie and J M Fearnley
  • 2004 —  BP
  • 2003 — B R Harris
  • 2002 — T A Roberts, I G Buckland and H Beckett 
  • 2000 — H Conlin