Digitalisation, including cybersecurity

Digitalisation, including cybersecurity

Digital technologies are impacting how we work and what we work on, and this change affects everybody. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, machine learning, automation, process control, visualisation, and cybersecurity impact everyone. Step changes in the development of these technologies can change the industries that use them dramatically and suddenly.

Why are digitalisation and cybersecurity important?

Across the process industries, digital technologies are leading to new ways of working, whether it is digital twins for process design, visualisation for remote assistance, or big data for automatically detecting abnormalities and diagnosing causes. The real and future benefits are significant, including better and faster process monitoring, increased efficiencies, remote operations (especially in challenging and hazardous environments), more sustainable infrastructure through efficient energy delivery and storage, new products and processes developed with the assistance of AI… the list goes on. These technologies need to be rolled out carefully and ethically.

By raising awareness of digital technologies and improving members’ capabilities in their responsible application, we will benefit IChemE members, the profession and society.

SDG alignment

As this is a fundamental area, delivery of which supports the other priority topics, it is not aligned with a specific SDG.