Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meeting 2020

The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held as a virtual meeting on Monday 15 June 2020.

The meeting will start at 08:00 BST.

While all members may attend the meeting, only Voting Members (Fellows and Chartered Members) are entitled to 'vote'. On this occasion there will be no special business to take at the AGM, so Voting Members will simply be asked to 'vote' through a 'show of hands' during the online meeting. This will be to approve the minutes of the 2019 AGM and to re-appoint the Institution's external auditors.

In order to validate attendees for voting purposes, pre-registration is essential:

  1. Read the guidelines on how to register and use key features in GoToWebinar.
  2. Complete the online registration form.

The registration link received by members in their confirmation email will be unique to the individual member and should not be forwarded to anyone else (as this may prevent the intended recipient from attending).

Towards the end of the AGM, members will have the opportunity to ask questions relating to the Annual review and Financial Accounts. We would encourage members to submit these questions ahead of the AGM by emailing them to

We will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible in the virtual meeting. All questions and answers will be posted on IChemE's website after the meeting.

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