2022 Presidential Address

David Bogle CEng FREng FIChemE delivered his Presidential Address on Thursday 16 June 2022 to mark his inauguration as the 81st President of IChemE.  

Delivered from Savoy Place, London, UK, only 100 yards from the site where IChemE’s first meeting took place 100 years ago, an audience of around 100 members, trustees and invited guests were physically present with many more watching the Address live online. 

Entitled Chemical Engineering: An Ethical Profession, the Presidential Address focused on the need to ensure that ethical thinking is placed at the forefront of chemical engineering professionalism and education, as safety and sustainability have been in recent years. The President commented that safety and sustainability are parts of the ethical code that chemical engineers must all aspire to and for which the next generation must be trained.  

Currently a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Pro-Vice-Provost of the Doctoral School and Early Career Researchers at University College London (UCL), UK, David Bogle was elected last year by the membership to take up the position of President of the Institution from June 2022. The formal handover of the Presidency was given by the 80th President, Jane Cutler, during IChemE’s Annual General Meeting held on 14 June.  

The Presidential Address was livestreamed on YouTube and is available as a recording to watch back. (Note this includes an introduction from Past Presidents Stephen Richardson and Jane Cutler before the Address begins.)