Trustees elections

Ballot for Trustee Board vacancies

Ballot will open at 09:00 (BST) on Monday 6 April 2020 and close at 09:30 (BST) on Wednesday 6 May 2020

Following the recent call for nominations for the Trustee Board positions that will fall vacant at the 2020 AGM, only one nomination was received for the position of Honorary Treasurer.   This nomination was received from the current Honorary Treasurer, Iain Martin, so he will, therefore, be formally re-elected to the position of Honorary Treasurer for a further 12 month period at the 2020 AGM.

A ballot will now be held for the position of Deputy President (2021/2022) as three nominations have been received.  

These nominations have been reviewed by the Nominations Committee, who, having assessed them against the criteria in the role profiles, have confirmed the suitability of the following candidates:

Further information on the candidates, including their election statements and brief biographical details, are included in the ‘Candidates for Deputy President' section.

In accordance with the By-laws, all Voting Members in good standing will now be invited to vote in the election. The ballot will be conducted by Mi-Voice, the independent electoral service provider managing the election on IChemE’s behalf, and eligible Voting Members will receive details of how they can place their vote directly from Mi-Voice.


As in our previous elections, a dedicated section has been created on Interface (which includes the candidates' biographical profiles and election statements).  Here the candidates and members will be able to participate in a discussion thread, if they so choose.

If any candidate or member hasn't yet logged onto Interface, they can do so by visiting the IChemE website, logging into MyIChemE, and then clicking on the ‘speech bubble icon’ on the second line of the IChemE homepage toolbar.  Members must be logged in to MyIChemE to access Interface.