Trustees elections

Call for Board of Trustees nominations

Nominations are now open. The closing date is 25 February 2020 at 09:30 GMT.

By-law 68 confirms that all Honorary Officers (President, Deputy President, Honorary Treasurer and Immediate Past President) shall retire at the AGM, and that those in the presidential succession line may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

As members will be aware, the Deputy President who was elected at the 2019 AGM (Stephen Richardson) took over the role of President on 12 November 2019 and will serve as President for an eighteen month period.

The office of Deputy President is open to any suitably qualified Fellow as set out in the Role Specific Person Specification, and as assessed by the Nominations Committee.

The transition from the former Council to the Board of Trustees was programmed to take place over a three year period, with all current Trustees having been elected under the prescriptions of the Royal Charter and By-laws as were in place at the time.

As a formal decision on the future of the UK Board has not yet been taken, the current Chair of the UK Board, Jane Atkinson, will remain on the Board of Trustees as the UK Regional Member.

The following Trustees shall therefore remain in office for the 2020/2021 year:

  • Jane Atkinson (UK Representative)
  • Peter Ashman (Australian Representative)
  • Ainslie Just (VP Qualifications)
  • Jarka Glassey (VP Learned Society)
  • Tom White (VP Regions)
  • Macsene Isles-Ahite (Ordinary Member)
  • Keith Plumb (Ordinary Member)
  • Wendy Wilson (Ordinary Member)
  • Mark Sutton (Ordinary Member)

The Malaysian Regional Member representative was a temporary, ex-officio position as the transition was made from the former Council to the new Board of Trustees and was effectual only while the then Chair of the Board of IChemE in Malaysia, Christina Phang, remained in that role. As Christina Phang has now stepped down as Chair of the Board in Malaysia, there is no longer a direct Malaysian Board representative on the Trustee Board.

The list of retiring Trustees at the 2020 AGM is:

  • Deputy President — as previously commented, Professor Richardson vacated the Deputy President role in November 2019. A vacancy for Deputy President therefore exists. This role is only open to Fellows of the Institution.
  • Iain Martin (Honorary Treasurer) — is eligible for re-election for a further year for up to four more occasions.

Nominations are therefore now open for the following positions on IChemE's Board of Trustees:

  • President for 2021/2022 (Deputy President from June 2020). This role is only open to Fellows of the Institution.
  • Honorary Treasurer

Iain Martin has confirmed that he is content to stand for re-election as Honorary Treasurer for a further year.

Details on how to submit nominations can be found in the nomination process section.