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IChemE is a registered charity and a widely respected professional engineering body. Direction in all matters of finance and policy is provided by our governing Board of Trustees. Operational activity is planned and delivered by the executive team that I lead and who are accountable to the Board.

Since taking on this role in January 2017, I have, amongst other things, commenced a programme that aims to adopt the highest standards of openness and transparency in all our dealings both internally and externally.

From the outset, I have stressed the need for the release of strategically relevant and material facts that are essential to the fulfilment of our charitable objectives and on-going business activity. This constitutes good practice in the charitable sector and is a behaviour that we should all aspire to. There will inevitably be some operational matters, where the open sharing of information is not appropriate.

The latest changes to our governance, which were formally approved by the Privy Council in June 2018, will embed this principle into the Institution’s governance mechanisms in the years ahead. In addition, this ‘Fact Checker’ resource will continue to be updated to ensure that members can find verified and referenced information on topics of interest, including recent decisions taken by the Board of Trustees and key issues and concerns that are raised by members.

Jon Prichard, Chief Executive Officer, August 2018.

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May 2019: Membership subscription renewal timeline for 2019 and beyond

An outline of the new timeline for the 2019 subscription renewals cycle and beyond.

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February 2019: Update on the SAIChE IChemE relationship

An update regarding the relationship between the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE). Most applicable to joint SAIChE-IChemE members.

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January 2019: IChemE’s commitment to the recognition of professional registration post-Brexit

IChemE has made a statement on the recognition of professional registrations ahead of Britain leaving the EU on 29 March 2019.

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October 2018: Dr A S Thompson Letter to President

Deputy President (2018—19), Andrew Thompson's letter to President Ken Rivers, expressing his desire to not continue as President in 2019.

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September 2018: Funding for the Ashok Kumar Fellowship

This statement outlines the status of funding for the Ashok Kumar Fellowship in 2018.

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August 2018: Update for the membership from the Chief Executive

IChemE Chief Executive, Jon Prichard, reflects on his first eighteen months at the Institution.

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June 2018: The future of whynotchemeng — FAQs

IChemE’s UK Board has approved changes to the management and activities of the whynotchemeng campaign to incorporate its work more fully into IChemE’s ’business as usual’. This document provides guidance for members on the changes.

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April 2018: Financial statements for year ended 31 December 2017 — exceptional costs

An explanation of the exceptional costs detailed in the 2017 Annual Accounts.

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April 2018: Non-payment of membership fees — change to the process for 2018

Changes to the membership lapsing process for 2018.

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February 2018: Developing a sustainable membership model at IChemE

Setting out the new vision for sustainable membership at IChemE.

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February 2018: IChemE position on the status of engineers

The Institution's position on lobbying for 'engineer' to be a protected title in the UK.

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December 2017: Statement from Trustees on protecting IChemE's reputation

This statement represents the views of IChemE Trustees following the announcement of an Extraordinary General Meeting, made on 27 November 2017.

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October 2017: Clarity on IChemE's Royal Charter and governance

This statement provides details on the Institution’s Royal Charter, its purpose, and how it applies to a 21st Century professional engineering organisation.

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August 2017: Professional Registration and IChemE’s role in complaint investigation

Further information on the Institution's complaints procedure.

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July 2017: Employment prospects for UK graduates

Analysis of chemical engineering graduate employment, using 2015 figures.

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July 2017: UK staff pension arrangements

Clarity on the pension scheme(s) provided to UK-based IChemE staff.

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July 2017: Senior executive pay at IChemE

The status of senior staff pay at IChemE as per the Annual Financial Report 2016.

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July 2017: The sale of 12 Gayfere Street (London, UK)

Further details on the Institution's sale of 12 Gayfere Street in London, UK which completed in April 2003.

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May 2017: Treasurer's report to the 2017 AGM

Speech notes for the Honorary Treasurer’s Report by Mr K J Rivers to the 95th Annual General Meeting of the Institution of Chemical Engineers at the Birmingham International Convention Centre on Wednesday 10 May 2017.

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February 2016: IChemE Human Resources Policy

Our HR Policy; including banding, salaries, management structure and equal opportunities.

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January 2015: Disclosure policy in respect of remuneration for IChemE staff

Staff remuneration disclosure policy.

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