A century of achievements

A century of achievements, a future of success

2022 marked IChemE’s centenary as the inaugural meeting of the Institution was held at the Hotel Cecil in London on 2 May 1922. Read more about the history of the Institution in this extract from The Chemical Engineer, written to commemorate IChemE’s half century in 1972.

From that first meeting where approximately 100 chemical engineers attended, to the vibrant membership body which achieved an extensive global reach by the time of the centenary, IChemE had been advancing chemical engineering’s contribution for 100 years. View IChemE's milestones.

Ahead of the centenary, an incredible group of member volunteers worked together to determine the most effective way to mark this milestone under the theme of ‘ChemEng Evolution - a century of achievements, a future of success’. Through personal accounts, thought-provoking articles and a programme of webinars, the impact of chemical engineering was showcased, plus the ideas and solutions being developed for a progressive future were highlighted.

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During the year, the achievements since that first meeting at the Hotel Cecil were celebrated alongside the opportunity to consider where the profession is heading, what changes may be ahead, and how chemical engineers can stay relevant.

Looking forward to the next 100 years, chemical engineers will be critical in addressing some of society’s biggest challenges – and IChemE will continue to demonstrate how chemical engineers are crucial to the success of this.

 ChemEng Evolution – a century of achievements, a future of success