New year – new PhD?

New year – new PhD?

5th January 2024

Within the chemical engineering community, industrial and academic research is a critical enabler to growing, and sustainably maintaining, the impact of our profession in solving our long-term global grand challenges. Supporting and encouraging the development of future generations is vital, but a 2021 IChemE survey that looked to understand the perceptions and drivers for engaging with chemical engineering research suggested that the purpose and possibilities were not always clear to early-career individuals and students.

There was a need for a holistic insight into the field, and a collaborative effort followed by the members of IChemE’s Research and Innovation Community of Practice (R&I CoP). Individuals working (or who had worked) in chemical engineering research across a wide range of academic and industrial sectors were interviewed, not only about their career goals and journey to date, but also about how their perceptions of chemical engineering research have changed over time. Their narratives showcase the dynamic minds shaping the future of their field and have been brought together in a collection of stories entitled ‘Making a difference in chemical engineering research ‒ Personal career journeys’.

Cordelia Selomulya FIChemE, Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, and Chair of the R&I CoP, said: “The personal journey of researchers in the continuously evolving landscape of chemical engineering research, particularly at the early stage of their careers, is a captivating narrative of passion, perseverance, and innovation. This collection of stories demonstrates the diverse paths these researchers have taken, the challenges they’ve conquered and continue to face, and the transformative impact they aspire to achieve. The interviews serve as direct insights into the experiences, aspirations, and personal philosophies that help enable chemical engineering progress. I sincerely wish that this booklet had existed 20-something years ago when I started my own academic career as a young PhD graduate.

“From new discoveries to innovative methodologies, the journey of these early-career researchers not only inspires, but also provides invaluable insights for those following in their footsteps. I hope this booklet can be a source of motivation for aspiring researchers everywhere who continue tirelessly to propel our world forward.”

Read 'Making a difference with chemical engineering research: Personal career journeys'.


Making a difference with chemical engineering research: Personal career journeys


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