Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Maintain and improve your knowledge, skills and competency

CPD is how we maintain and improve our knowledge, skills and competency, which can be gained both formally and informally. CPD is not necessarily about completing training courses and attending events - in fact for most people, formal training courses form only a small part of their annual CPD activity.

CPD activities can come in many forms including, but not limited, to:

  • self-directed learning eg reading books, journals and articles, internet research, attending local events/seminars or online events
  • professional activity such as mentoring, membership interviewing, supporting local member groups or special interest groups
  • training (formal/educational) such as gaining an academic/professional qualification via a professional body or attending third party/external training providers
  • work-based learning such as learning-on-the-job, in-house learning activities (face-to-face or e-learning), work shadowing, short term secondments etc.

Read IChemE's CPD policy >>

Benefits of CPD

We should all make time for our professional development. Undertaking CPD enhances career prospects in a rapidly changing job market, increasing adaptability and offering employment flexibility.


  • develop professional capability and enhance reputation
  • boost self-confidence
  • showcase achievements and knowledge
  • help plan current and future career needs.

Employers consider CPD as evidence of an individual’s investment in their current role and career development. Therefore, striving to improve professional knowledge, understanding and practice is beneficial to the profession, the employer and the individual.


  • provide a framework to manage employees' professional development, including staff appraisals
  • promote investment and help to plan staff development needs across the organisation
  • strengthen reputation as a quality employer
  • enhance staff recruitment and retention
  • improve morale, staff motivation and workplace performance
  • evidence for regulators, clients and stakeholders of the expertise of the workforce.

How IChemE can help

mycareerpath® is a free online tool from the Engineering Council to help you keep track of your professional development. You can upload evidence of your activity (eg documents and certificates), keep up-to-date records of your planned, existing and completed CPD, send reports to mentors or line managers, and request feedback. Visit the mycareerpath page to find out more >>

There are many membership resources and features that can help with your CPD activity:

Membership and registration CPD requirements

CPD forms part of the application requirement for some grades of IChemE membership. Once you’re awarded the relevant grade, you’ll need to continue with appropriate CPD activity, develop ongoing plans, and keep a CPD record.

Visit our Demonstrating CPD area for more information on the requirements for each grade and/or professional registration.