Resources for you to use in schools

Resources for you to use in schools

If you are looking for materials to display at careers fairs or outreach events, the new DiscoverChemEng careers posters will be just the thing.  You can download them using the links below, or order hard copies by contacting us at

Please note that all of the resources have a QR code directing young people to the DiscoverChemEng web pages.

Careers posters

These posters showcase the importance of chemical engineering across different industries (dimensions 210x 594mm).

Classroom posters

These posters demonstrate how chemical engineers are working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

If you are taking these into a school, use them to showcase your own role and talk about what you and your company are doing – whether that is on a global or local level. You might be involved in some interesting research which school students may be interested to hear more about. By discussing your role and the UN global goals it will help younger people to better understand the breadth of career options that will be opened up to them by studying chemical engineering. 

The three posters carry the same message with a slightly different level of text depending on the age group: 

  1. Poster 1 aimed at primary schools
  2. Poster 2 aimed at lower secondary schools
  3. Poster 3 aimed at post-16/CEIAG

If you would like to request an A1 version of these posters, please email

Schools careers fairs

If you are keen to promote the profession at a school career fairs this article in The Chemical Engineer, contains some handy hints and tips: Toolkit launched to promote DiscoverChemEng message at school careers fairs.

DiscoverChemEng pull up banners

You can request the following materials by emailing

  • Pull up banners – there are three different versions as shown in the image
  • Table cover/runner
  • Pens and pencils
  • Career posters
  • Bookmarks

Current opportunities

We will soon be sharing a list of schools and colleges who are seeking a member volunteer to attend their careers fair.

If you are interested in attending a schools career fair, please submit your details via this form to help us link you to a school or college in your area.

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