Hull and Humber (UK)

Cargill Hull Plant Tour

Cargill Hull Plant Tour
  • Date From 27th June 2024
  • Date To 27th June 2024
  • Price Free of charge.
  • Location Cargill Hull Plant, Oak Road, Hull, HU6 7PH, United Kingdom.


Cargill provides base chemistries, specialised products, and fully customised solutions for customer needs across a broad spectrum of applications and industries. Cargill Bioindustrial operate a high-erucic acid rapeseed (HEAR) processing facility in Hull to manufacture fatty amides.

The rape seed oil is processed at splitting plant which is a single stage continuous counter-current process for the splitting of triglyceride into split fatty acid and glycerine. The split fatty acid is processed and refined through different unit operations such as fractional and vacuum distillation, amidation and hydrogenation reactions, refining and finishing to manufacture different grades of amides mainly primary amides, secondary amides, bis-amides, fatty acids, blends of amides, high purity glycerine (by product from splitting process) and fuel oil. The main products are in the form of powder or beads.

Outside-purchased hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia are used in the processes. The facility has an ammonia recovery plant to recover ammonia following amidation process.

The site has a centralised cooling towers to provide process cooling and waste water treatment plant which is utilised for processing process water before it is discharged into the river.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements

Visitors attending the site tour must bring with them the following PPE:

  • high visibility, anti-static, flame retardant overalls (one-piece or two-piece) covering arms, legs and torso
  • anti-static, heat resistant, steel toe cap, lace-up safety boots with a large tread for slip resistance
  • safety glasses
  • hard hat
  • gloves.


18.30–20.30 BST.

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