Midlands (UK)

Events archive

Past events organised by the Midlands Member Group.

Process Drawings

Midlands (UK)

Presentation on the range of process drawings, their function and project timing

  • Date From 1st May 2024
  • Date To 1st May 2024
  • Location DNV Offices Holywell Park, Ashby Road, Loughborough Leicestershire, LE11 3GR.

Netwalking in Cannock Chase Wood

Midlands (UK)

A walk through the Cannock Chase forest.

  • Date From 23rd March 2024
  • Date To 23rd March 2024
  • Location Visitor Centre, Cannock Chase Forest, Cannock, WS12 4PW.

Blending Hygienic Process Industries at Briggs of Burton

Midlands (UK)

A site tour, followed by career development and technical presentations at Briggs of Burton.

  • Date From 24th January 2024
  • Date To 24th January 2024
  • Location Briggs House, Derby Street, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2LH.

Webinar: Opportunities for Sustainability with Flow Chemistry


Case studies on how and where flow improves sustainability.

  • Date From 6th December 2023
  • Date To 6th December 2023
  • Location Online: 13:00 GMT. Duration: 1 hour.

Webinar: Get Chartered Stage 1 (Educational Base)

Midlands (UK)

A webinar to discuss Stage 1 - Educational Base.

  • Date From 26th October 2023
  • Date To 26th October 2023
  • Location Online: 19:00-20:00 BST. Duration 1 hour.

Webinar: Annual Meeting

Midlands (UK)

The Annual Meeting of the Midlands Member Group.

  • Date From 11th October 2023
  • Date To 11th October 2023
  • Location Online: 19:00 BST. Duration: 2 hours.

Webinar: NECC Get Chartered

Aberdeen (UK)

A Get Chartered webinar for graduates and early careers members.

  • Date From 14th September 2023
  • Date To 14th September 2023
  • Location Online: 14:00 BST. Duration: 2 hours.

Webinar: Celebrating Women in Engineering Day

Aberdeen (UK)

A webinar to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day.

  • Date From 23rd June 2023
  • Date To 23rd June 2023
  • Location Online: 12:00 BST. Duration: 45 minutes.

Get Chartered

Midlands (UK)

We will be providing key information about the value and process of achieving Chartered Membership with CEng registration.

  • Date From 26th April 2023
  • Date To 26th April 2023
  • Location DNV, Holywell Park, Ashby Rd, Loughborough LE11 3GR

Webinar: Intellectual Property for Chemical Engineers

Midlands (UK)

An introduction to intellectual property for chemical engineers.

  • Date From 18th April 2023
  • Date To 18th April 2023
  • Location Online: 12:10 BST. Duration: 35 minutes.

Develop, Optimise and Flourish

Midlands (UK)

A showcase of how education, industry and professional institutes can successfully collaborate.

  • Date From 16th March 2023
  • Date To 16th March 2023
  • Location Calgavin Head Office, Minerva Mill Innovation Centre, Station Road, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5ET. Online via Teams.

Webinar: Strengths, Weakness, and Sustainability of Continuous Chemistry

Midlands (UK)

A webinar on when to (and not to) consider continuous chemistry.

  • Date From 16th February 2023
  • Date To 16th February 2023
  • Location Online: 12:15 GMT. Duration: 35 minutes.