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We are always looking to expand our membership, improve local industrial and academic links and add to our events calendar. We always welcome new members and would particularly like to expand our reach to IChemE members in the local area who are not currently active in the local member group. Please also contact us on the email below if you have an event you would like to share or suggestions for one you would like us to arrange.

The Sheffield Member Group has an intriguing history. In 1951, the existence of Yorkshire was recognised by IChemE from its offices in London, near the Houses of Parliament. This was done by establishing a position representing Yorkshire on the Northwest Branch Committee (IChemE Headquarters having a somewhat vague idea of northern geography and sensibilities).

In 1962, a separate Yorkshire Branch was established. It continued for many years as a grand affair, organising major conferences and formal dinners. Each branch had a 'graduates and students' section for less pompous activities. The sections became the centres, the Sheffield Centre being formally created in 1967 with T. W. Davies as Chairman. The centres were subservient to the branches who controlled the budgets.

As times changed, the subject groups were established and took on more conference activity, while the centres took a greater part of the branch activities. In 1997 the Yorkshire Branch was redefined as the sum of three centres: Sheffield, East Pennines (around Leeds and Bradford) and Hull, with no separate committee or activities apart from an annual dinner which rotated around the centres.

In 2008, IChemE changed its structure from branches and centres to regions with member groups. The Sheffield Centre therefore became the Sheffield Member Group within the North East Region and a new committee was formed in 2009.

2010 marked the revival of the group and saw a programme of meetings re-established. Since then, schools liaison activity, industrial visits and social events have followed successfully and the continuance and expansion of which is the goal of the committee.

Get involved

Interested in ChemEng? Live/work in the Sheffield or wider South Yorkshire area? Then why not join in?

There are opportunities to meet like minded peers, network, socialise and learn more about the profession.

There are also opportunities to give back to the local engineering community by giving talks or lectures, hosting site visits and attending careers events.

You can learn about what is happening in chemical engineering locally as well as with our other engineering colleagues of different disciplines in the area.

All of this with the aim of enriching your personal and professional development.

We are an open and friendly group, and anybody wishing to join in is more than welcome, be it joining the committee, attending committee meetings, coming to events, offering their company’s facilities to tours or technical visits, or even just to promote your company!

If you wish to get involved at any level, or even just be informed of activity in your area then please do get in touch with the committee with your contact details.

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Access to this group is a member exclusive benefit. To join the group and receive notifications of activities, log in and click the 'Join Now' button at the top of the page.

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Need some help? Contact us through our member group support team.