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Plant Tour to Cleanaway Materials and Plastic Recovery Facility: The circular economy in action

Plant Tour to Cleanaway Materials and Plastic Recovery Facility: The circular economy in action
  • Date From 20th March 2024
  • Date To 20th March 2024
  • Price From free.
  • Location Cleanaway Laverton MRF and Plastic Recovery Facility, 32 Gilbertson Rd, Laverton VIC 3026.


Cleanaway will provide a tour of its Material Recovery Facility (MRF), its Plastics Recovery Facility (PRF), and the joint venture Circular Plastics Australia (CPA) facility, a 30-minute drive from Melbourne CBD.

  • The MRF receives, sorts and processes commercial and municipal recycling (yellow bin material) around the Laverton area. It produces six product streams (Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Steel, Aluminium, and Plastic), with the part of the plastic stream (HDPE and PP) feeding the CPA facility. 
  • The PRF has also been recently upgraded to process the new Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) material. The PRF forms an essential link to the CPA facility
  • The CPA facility is a joint venture of Cleanaway and the Packed Group. It processes more than 20,000 tonnes of HDPE and PP (or the equivalent of over half a billion plastic milk bottles and food tubs) into recycled resins used for food, beverage, and industrial packaging. It is Australia’s largest end-to-end PE recycling facility. 

Visitors will view the operations and gain an understanding of the processes and challenges required to turn wastes into useful feedstocks and resources – the circular economy in action. Learn how our teams of operators, engineers, and environmental technicians work together to manage the technological and environmental challenges.

The tour at the Laverton Victoria Commingled Resource Recovery (VCRR) site will give visitors a firsthand look at the transformative journey of recycling. This will include how material enters the site before separation into the six product streams. Separation equipment includes optical sorters, eddy currents, ballistic separators, vibratory screens, and manual sort lines. Following separation, the material is baled so it can be transported to customers. The HDPE and PP streams are transferred across to the CPA site for further processing and pelletizing to be recycled to plastic resin off-site.

PPE requirements

  • Long trousers
  • High visibility long-sleeve shirt
  • Steel-capped safety boots (closed shoes not permitted)
  • Safety glasses and hard hatP2 dust mask optional (some areas can be dusty)
  • Sign-in is required


13:30–16:30 AEDT.


  • IChemE / EA (Chemical College) members: Free 
  • Non-members: $20.00 AUD

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