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Prizes and awards

The Federation of Australian and New Zealand Chemical Engineers coordinates an annual Awards of Excellence program. Applications are called for in April each year and awards are presented at the annual Chemeca dinner.

Pratt Prize

This is a Chemical Engineering Student Night which brings together students from the three Victorian Universities offering a degree in Chemical Engineering. The Pratt Prize is awarded annually to the best Chemical Engineering Design Project submission in Victoria.


Year: 2020
Winners: Keegan Mason, Sheron Cooray, Peta Stone, Dilini Eriyagama, Michael Tran, Zachary Poi, Chengyan Xu
Institution: Monash University

Year: 2019
Winners: Luke Baldwin, Jack Beauglehall, Jake Floyd, Benjamin Franze, Alex Graham, John Huynh
Institution: RMIT University

Year: 2018
Winners: Luke Popovic, Parul Tangri, Sharmaine Deva, Yu Ting Tan, Voravich Ganthavee
Institution: Monash University

Year: 2017
Winners: Kenneth Lee, Ye Gaung Soe, Thomas Liapis, Wye Toong See, Samuel Franklyn, Bradley King
Institution: Monash University

Year: 2016
Winners: Lachlan Henderson, Huixuan Yu, Rob Murray, Chen-Yu Tsai, Yonathan Christianto, Suya He
Institution: University of Melbourne

Year: 2015
Winners: Nebeal Faris, Hang Tran, Thomas Breadon, Reyan Karacan, Timothy Hanna, Luke Brayshaw
Institution: RMIT University

Year: 2014
Winners: Chloe Jack, Huachen Liu, Hiep Thuan Lu, Fan Wu, Yue Wu
Institution: Melbourne University

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The award is to recognise and encourage chemical engineering students to fully participate in professional and public life.

The Victorian Chemical Engineering Student Achievement Award, since 2014.