Biochemical Engineering

Will Olughu

Will Olughu

  • Position Chair

Dr Olughu holds the position of Senior Principal Scientist at Ipsen Biopharm Ltd UK. His extensive journey has led him through both academic and industrial realms as a biotechnology and bioprocess engineering expert. This dual experience has endowed him with a profound insight into the intricate process of bridging foundational principles from laboratory settings to large-scale commercial manufacturing. Within the BioPharmaceutical Development team at Ipsen, he focuses his technical leadership on the characterisation, optimisation and advancement of bioprocesses. His expertise extends to areas such as scale-up/down methodologies, process intensification, seamless integration of Process Analytical Technology (PAT), in silico modelling of bioprocesses and the implementation of cell-free synthesis techniques for the production of biologics.

Outside the corporate sphere, Dr Olughu takes on the role of a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor, actively shaping the curriculum and lecturing within the Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering module at Loughborough University. Moreover, he significantly contributes to the scholarly landscape as an editorial board member for the World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Additionally, his insights serve as valuable counsel as a Cell Series UK advisory member.

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