Environment and Clean Technology

About us

A very warm welcome to the Environment and Clean Technology Special Interest Group. We aim to provide a point of contact for the chemical engineering community to learn about and discuss environmental issues and technology. We provide a variety of platforms and opportunities for members to get involved and are always looking for participation in all the events and initiatives that we host.

We are increasingly conscious of the changes to our membership base, most notably the growing influence of IChemE internationally. In this regard, we are keen to engage further with members both throughout the UK and internationally to understand your needs as this evolution in the Institution continues.

If you would like to get involved in the committee or have ideas for subjects that you would like to see discussed at one of our events please get in touch with our Chair, Cedric Hanson.


  • promote the application of chemical engineering principles and practice in protecting and improving the environment
  • raise awareness of innovative environmental techniques and technologies, environmental policy developments and regulatory tools
  • encourage investigation and design development in all aspects of environmental protection, pollution prevention and control
  • promote contact, communication and sharing of best practice between professionals
  • form links with other stakeholders in the field.


  • technical seminars, workshops and site visits
  • webinars (web based presentations)
  • evening events held in association with IChemE member groups
  • electronic newsletter Avert
  • input into consultations related to environmental policy developments and regulatory tools
  • discussion via our LinkedIn Group.

Support of other groups

The Environment and Clean Technology Special Interest Group is a member of the ‘IPPC Sounding Board’. Defra conducts regular meetings with its IPPC stakeholder group (the “IPPC Sounding Board”) to discuss IPPC developments and to share experiences of implementing the PPC element of the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

The Sounding Board is an informal, non-decision making body consisting of trade associations that represent the industries regulated by the Environment Agency (under Part A (1) of the Environmental Permitting Regulations) and Government/regulator representatives.

Membership of the Sounding Board consists of “core members” who attend the meetings and “paper members”, such as IChemE, who do not, but who are consulted upon relevant policy and regulatory developments. Examples of such consultations are the drafting of the recent Industrial Emissions Directive, and an anticipated future trading system under EU wide rules for SO2 and/or NOx emissions from land-based industrial sources.

Members of the Environment and Clean Technology special interest group may be interested in the Sustainability Hub – peer-reviewed knowledge and free on-demand training focusing on all things sustainability.