Mining and Minerals

Mining and Minerals Special Interest Group members publish expert advice

14th May 2020

We want to highlight that members of this group have been sharing their expert knowledge with the wider community, by writing features that have been published in IChemE’s The Chemical Engineer magazine.

Digging Deeper

Article by Glen Corder FIChemE and Artem Golev

Glen Corder co-authored a cover feature on the mining industry’s role in a circular economy. The article looks at areas where mining firms are moving away from the conventional ‘linear take-make-dispose’ economy, and argue that embracing such circular efforts is important to maintain support from society and re-risk projects: Read the article Digging Deeper

Bulk Solids Handling: Perspective on a Professional Blind Spot

Article by Grant Wellwood CEng FIChemE

Grant Wellwood looked at the prevalence of bulk solids handling. Material flow through a value chain governs its commercial success and, given that the majority of everything we use or consume passes through a bulk phase during its lifecycle, bulk solids flow is very relevant, Wellwood explains. Why then is bulk solids handling so often overlooked? Read Wellwood’s thoughts on this professional blindspot: Read the article Bulk Solids Handling: Perspective on a Professional Blind Spot

Solid States

Article by Grant Wellwood CEng FIChemE

Following the above article, Grant Wellwood is helping coordinate a series of articles for The Chemical Engineer, providing practical advice to chemical engineers facing bulk solids flow challenges. The first article in the series has been published: Read the article Solid States

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