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IChemE Priority Topics

IChemE Priority Topics

25th April 2022

IChemE has announced three priority topics for our activity as a learned society.  These are:

  • Responsible production
  • Major hazards management
  • Digitalisation

Focusing on the second of these, we seek to advance the understanding and application of major hazards management techniques to contribute worldwide for the benefit of society. We aim to be an acknowledged leader and influencer among professional institutions and beyond, recognised for enhancing and promoting process safety and risk management practices and skills.

We will deliver this by focusing on three areas:

  1. People - developing full lifecycle professional and technical competence, and leadership skills for both institution members and across relevant areas of industry, education and society in response to the challenges of today and into the future.
  2. Practices - establishing and applying tools and good practices for major hazards management, and promoting sharing and learning, to drive continual improvement.
  3. Emerging challenges - supporting members, industry and society in responding to current and emerging safety challenges for a sustainable future from the evolving technological and industrial landscape by adapting and developing knowledge, skills and tools.

For more information visit the Priority Topics section of the website.

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