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The Self Assessment Toolkit for Safety Health and Environmental Assurance

Version 2, 2011

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Directors’ and engineers’ responsibilities for safety - a cautionary tale by Brian Harris

The paper from Loss Prevention Bulletin that describes the incident that motivated the production of the 'SHE Toolkit'

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The INSET Toolkit

The INSET Toolkit presented in this document was developed as part of an EU research project to promote the use of inherent safety, health and environmental (SHE) approaches to process plant development and design. Users should read the disclaimer before using it.

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Model Code for the Management of Risk Issues

In May 2007 the Institution of Chemical Engineers published its 'Roadmap for 21st Century Chemical Engineering' outlining the beneficial contributions that chemical engineers could make to society over the years ahead. The section of the roadmap that dealt with the topic 'Health, Safety, Environment and Public Perception of Risk' proposed the production of a model code for risk management. This work was taken forward under the leadership of Martin Goose, a member of the SLP SIG committee. The resulting document presents a 'model' of how major hazard risks in the process industries should be managed in the context of the UK regulatory system. Many of the principles of this model can be applied internationally, and in other topic areas where risk management is required. Some important topics which have relevance beyond risk management, and are required in order to achieve high standards of organisational performance generally, have been omitted. These topics include 'leadership' and 'the measurement and management of competence'.

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