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Lees Medal 2022 Awarded to Hynds & Templeton

Lees Medal 2022 Awarded to Hynds & Templeton

16th February 2022

The Lees Medal, named after Frank Lees, is awarded to the author(s) of the best article on the topic of safety and loss prevention in an IChemE publication.  This is judged by the Safety & Loss Prevention SIG's committee annually.

The 2022 medal is awarded to Ashley Hynds and Scott Templeton for their paper presented at HAZARDS 30: 'Safe reinstatement of process plant - Learnings from HSE's regulation of the UK offshore oil and gas industry'.  Hynds & Templeton represented the UK Health & Safety Executive with the publication of this paper.

They present clear summaries of a number of real-world events, providing compelling insights into reinstatement of process plant.  The paper provides useful advice on how to make use of these insights.  Although the cases come from the UK offshore oil and gas industry, the learnings are much more widely applicable: most operating sites should find something to learn from this contribution.

This paper is freely available on the SIG's website, here.

The SIG committee chose not to award the Frankin Medal this year.  The Franklin recognises outstanding service in occupational health, safety, loss prevention, and care for the environment.

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