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Sustainable development is a major engineering challenge for the 21st century. IChemE’s Sustainability Special Interest Group aims to make sustainable development a core concept in the teaching and practice of chemical engineering. The sustainable use of resources is vital and can be achieved by identifying better ways of deploying economic and regulatory measures to drive investment in process technologies which deliver sustainability.


  • define areas of activity where chemical engineers can contribute to the delivery of sustainability
  • promote an ambitious and practical concept of sustainability, and identify chemical engineering principles to advance this cause
  • advance through education at all levels the contributions that chemical engineers can make
  • influence government and other public bodies to pursue realistic sustainability goals
  • provide a dynamic forum for the interchange of information, views and ideas
  • advance technical policy and implement IChemE’s Technical Roadmap.


  • meetings, seminars and workshops
  • electronic newsletter Sustainable Times
  • participation in and influencing of professional bodies and other groups promoting sustainable development
  • publication of information and technical advice to support the pursuit of sustainable development.

To contact IChemE's support staff, email Special Interest Groups.

Members of the Sustainability special interest group may be interested in the Sustainability Hub – peer-reviewed knowledge and free on-demand training focusing on all things sustainability.

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