Student support

We offer to meet the reasonable expenses of parties of students and staff wishing to make site visits connected with water or wastewater treatment.

We offer to meet the fees and reasonable expenses of individual students wishing to attend events organised by the Water Special Interest Group.

We offer a contribution to the expenses of postgraduate students attending conferences to present papers concerning their research work, or volunteering in relevant humanitarian projects (please use application form below).

We offer to support small research projects (e.g. we funded a 10-week vacation project investigating sludge digestion).

We would consider supporting the establishment of a series of lectures on water processing as part of a course.

All the above are offered subject to:

  • The relevance of the proposal to the Water Special Interest Group's field of interest and
  • The availability of Water Special Interest Group funds
  • In many cases, a report or presentation on the supported activity

Application form

Download the Water Special Interest Group postgraduate student travel bursary application form

Upon receipt of a completed application form, the Water Special Interest Group committee will judge whether the application fits within both the water and process engineering fields. If a majority of committee members believe that it does, and sufficient funds are available, then the bursary is awarded, usually subject to conditions e.g. requiring a report. The Water Special Interest Group secretary will contact the applicant direct to advise of the committee's decision. The applicant must then accept the offer and fulfil the conditions to receive the bursary.