Dispute resolution

IChemE's contract philosophy is directed towards the avoidance of disputes. However, should a dispute arise which cannot be resolved by negotiation, the Forms of Contract provide formal dispute resolution procedures as a way of resolving differences.


The following rules may be incorporated into the UK and International Forms of Contract, or used with other contracts.

Adjudication Rules, The Grey Book, Fourth edition, 2016

Produced in response to the statutory right to adjudication introduced to construction contracts for work in the UK, The Grey Book is intended to be used in conjunction with IChemE's Forms of Contract for work covered by the provisions of the Act or the Order. 

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Rules for Expert Determination, The White Book, Fifth edition, 2016

IChemE has pioneered the use of Expert Determination for the resolution of disputes, particularly single issue technical matters or disputes over time or cost. The White Book provides procedures and rules governing the appointment, duties and actions of the expert.

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Arbitration Rules, The Pink Book, Fifth edition, 2019

Suitable for international and UK use, this is the first update to The Pink Book since 2005. The Pink Book provides a clear and balanced framework where each party can understand its responsibilities in the event of a dispute arising from an IChemE contract. It can be used for tribunals of three arbitrators, as well as a sole arbitrator.

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Rules for Dispute Review Boards, The Beige Book, First edition, 2005

Dispute Review Boards (DRBs) are used for large and complex projects, providing a forum in which a variety of issues can be considered before entering a formal dispute procedure. These Rules are one of very few sets in existence governing the establishment and operation of DRBs.

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Dispute resolvers

In addition to setting out the means for dispute resolution through its contracts, IChemE can also appoint an adjudicator, expert or arbitrator, please contact us to request an appointment. IChemE's administration charge for this service is £800 +VAT.

IChemE no longer makes its lists of dispute resolvers publicly available, any references in the rules to the lists being publicly available are now accordingly amended.

For Adjudicator nominations by IChemE, please download and complete the application form >>

Formats and pricing

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