Responsible consumption and production


The Sustainability Hub has a growing collecting of training courses ready for you to take to further your knowledge and understanding around subjects that can contribute to sustainable development. These courses are currently offered free of charge to IChemE members and for purchase by non-members. Our courses are designed specifically for chemical engineers. They are delivered online, completed at your own pace, and allow you to learn interactively in bite-sized chunks.


The Circular Economy for Chemical Engineers

Traditional business models in the process industry are primarily based around a linear consumption model. 

This training module aims to introduce the principles of a circular flow of materials within a sustainable economic model, where the extraction of non-renewable resources and the total carbon and environmental impacts of the full process system are minimised.

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Chemical Engineers

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic tool that evaluates environmental impacts over the life cycle of a product or service. As the Sustainability Hub assists chemical engineers in supporting the UN Sustainability Development Goals, this training course will be a key knowledge strand that has the potential to influence them all. 

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Sustainable Process Integration for Cleaner Process Design

By making use of PI chemical engineers can design cleaner, more sustainable processes that reduce consumption, ensure maximum recovery of resources and reduce harmful emissions in process plants, in order to help achieve the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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