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The Sustainability Hub has a growing collecting of training courses ready for you to take to further your knowledge and understanding around subjects that can contribute to sustainable development. These courses are currently offered free of charge to IChemE members and for purchase by non-members. Our courses are designed specifically for chemical engineers. They are delivered online, completed at your own pace, and allow you to learn interactively in bite-sized chunks.

The below training courses is currently being commissioned to support SDG 7.

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Courses under development

The following training course is currently being commissioned to support SDG 12. 

The Role and Responsibility of Chemical Engineers in Achieving Net Zero

Learning goal
This course is aimed at raising awareness of the role that chemical engineers can play in the pathway to net zero, making them familiar with carbon reporting methods for key sectors in addition to basic aspects of climate change mitigation within energy and chemical plants.

Course overview
Attendees will be introduced to the International Panel for Climate Change’s guidelines for the development of greenhouse gas emission inventories for combustion and manufacturing emissions. The modules will contain a summary of possible emission reduction measures. These measures include carbon capture, storage, and utilisation; biomass energy conversion; biogas and biomethane; battery storage; and power-to-x fuels.

To find out what courses available now, please visit our training page

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