Andrew Medal

The Andrew Medal was introduced in 2012, in commemoration of the late Professor Syd Andrew, a distinguished expert in the field of catalysis. The medal will be awarded every three years to recognise a major contribution relevant to the science of formulation of heterogeneous catalysts.

The medal is awarded to an individual or company on the basis of their research into heterogeneous catalysts that has found expression in either:

  • a significant new process concept of economic significance (eg the methanol synthesis catalyst allowed low pressure methanol production, or the steam reforming of naphtha over an alkalised nickel catalyst)
  • a significant new product of economic significance (eg fuel cell, battery, sensor, geoengineering solar screen, pharmaceutical intermediate…)
  • a significant contribution to the testing or science of heterogeneous catalysts that enables novel process or new reactor designs for existing processes, and has been demonstrated to do so at a commercial scale.

Nominations will be considered by a panel including industrial and academic members, and a shortlist and preferred name submitted to IChemE’s Medals and Prizes Committee.

The winner of the award will also be invited to present a lecture.

How to nominate

Nominations open on 1 September and close on 31 October each year unless specified otherwise.

For more information and to nominate, visit the make a nomination section.

Medal winners
  • 2017 — F Kapteijn
  • 2012 — C Hardacre