Whether you are a process safety engineer, manager, or CEO, this section is intended to provide you with as much useful information as possible.

Annual report

The annual report details our achievements to date and it sets out the ambitions for the years ahead.


The ISC Newsletter "The Collaborator" is published quarterly to keep all members and the broader process safety community up to date with what we have been doing.

Safety lore

The aim of the safety lore is to highlight safety issues with different processes and operations and drive the key learning points. This is to help operators and process safety engineers learn from past  incidents rather than repeating them. The Lore introduces two case studies that occurred in the past, stressing the key learnings.


The IChemE Safety Centre’s annual training programme covers a wide range of areas, which ensure we are at the forefront of improving safety standards throughout the industry. 

Useful links

Useful links to other organisations.


The ISC periodically host webinars to promote process safety and they are available to all to view free of charge.

Accident data

The IChemE Accident Database comprises of over 10,500 accidents of which approximately 40% includes details of lessons to be learned.  This data has not been verified or updated since 2000, further information may be available at other resources.