Upcoming events and webinars

Below are conferences and webinars where either Trish Kerin and/or Dr Zsuzsanna Gyenes will present.

The Lore introduces two case studies that occurred in the past, stressing the key learnings. It also provides useful tips and recommendations as how to avoid future recurrence of such accidents.

June 2020

Webinar: Safety Lore No. 8 — Shift handover

Monday 1 June 2020 – 07:00 BST.
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Dr Zsuzsanna Gyenes, Deputy to the Director will present on the ISC lessons learned publication "Safety Lore". This webinar discusses important learning points related to shift handover.

Webinar: Safety Lore No. 9 — Permit to work systems

Monday 8 June 2020 – 07:00 BST.
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Dr Zsuzsanna Gyenes, Deputy to the Director will present on the ISC lessons learned publication "Safety Lore". This webinar highlights learning points in terms of permit to work systems.

September 2020

CISAP 9 - International Conference on Safety & Environment in Process and Power Industry

20—23 September 2020, Venice Italy.
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CISAP 9, the nine edition of the International Conference on Safety and Environment in the Process & Power Industry, will provide a successful forum on process safety, risk assessment and HSE management.

The conference provides a unique opportunity to share and gain experience on actual topics and current evolution in emerging risk assessment and management, as the security issues in the chemical and process industry and the assessment of accident scenarios caused by natural hazards.

Meeting and discussion between international scientists, engineers from academia and industry will be facilitated in order to share new trends in research, methodologies and practical approach for the management of emerging risk.

9th Regional Process Safety Seminar

22—23 September 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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We continue to see process safety incidents occur all over the world, despite the vast amount of knowledge we have about root causes.

So why do we not seem to be learning the lessons of the past?  

People will respond and act based on what they have experienced in the past. If people are encouraged to bypass safety systems by being rewarded for delivering productivity, they will continue to do it. This is where leadership and culture come to the fore.

Demonstrating good process safety leadership will not only lead to positive process safety results, which directly enhance organisational reliability, they will also lead to a culture where people are valued and supported.

This improvement of leadership and culture underpin our efforts to improve process safety outcomes, so people can go home at the end of their shift, unharmed.

Join us at the 9th Regional Process Safety Seminar so see how you can enhance your leadership and organisational culture to achieve improved results.

October 2020

2020 Process Safety International Symposium

20—22 October 2020, College Station, USA.
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The Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) 23rd annual international symposium serves as the crossroads for process safety where industry academia, government agencies and other stakeholders come together to discuss critical issues of research in process safety.

Experts from around the world will gather as part of this two and a half-day symposium, to share the latest information on the hottest topics aimed at making the process industry a safer place.

November 2020


30 November — 2 December 2020, Manchester, UK.
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Hazards is Europe's largest annual process safety conference. Hazards 30 will explore every major aspect of process safety and help you to learn from the experience of others.

February 2021

Kuwait Downstream Summit

17—18 February 2021, Kuwait.
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The Kuwait Downstream Summit, considers the current energy landscape, bringing together regulatory authorities, senior stakeholders, policy makers, influencers and solution providers who are driving the energy eco-system in the region. The summit will highlight best practices which can be adopted to optimize the future of the Downstream Industry.