South Australia (AU)

Professor David Lewis

Professor David Lewis

  • Position Academic Representative University of Adelaide

David is an experienced Chartered Chemical Engineer with a strong background in leadership and experience with motivating teams. David's industry and academic careers have provided the opportunity to work in the petroleum, mining, automation, hospitality and defence industries. David is proficient at managing risk and has wide industry knowledge. From 2012 to 2016 David was on leave without pay from the University of Adelaide managing a technology start-up company developing new commercial opportunities focused on production of sustainable oils from hydrothermal liquefaction using renewable feedstocks such as biomass and organic wastes. David continues to consult to the process industry.

As an academic David teaches Chemical Engineering undergraduate students and supervise postgraduate students on projects involving process technology R&D with a focus on design and commercialisation, and have international recognition in the biomass processing industry. My academic focus is on leadership, education and mentoring; and improving productivity, quality and safety. I am experienced in developing business opportunities for project executions. David currently serves as the Head of the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials.

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