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About us

Modern food and drink manufacturing processes are highly sophisticated, involving heat and mass transfer, mixing, reaction, separation and transport of liquids and solid materials. The design and operation of safe and cost-effective process lines, whilst ensuring product quality and microbiological safety, requires a multidisciplinary approach to all aspects of process hygiene.

The Food and Drink Special Interest Group provides a networking community for anyone with an interest in this complex and diverse sector, whatever their background.


  • promote the importance of food process engineering in the manufacture of food and drink
  • advance technical policy, and progress the implementation of the Food and Nutrition theme of Chemical Engineering Matters
  • support the professional development, education and training of process engineers in the industry
  • form and maintain links worldwide with other organisations in the field.


  • technical seminars, workshops and site visits
  • regular newsletter 
  • website with member-only areas
  • conference bursaries to support students attending conferences
  • prizes for undergraduates on food engineering-related courses
  • representation of professional interests via international forums
  • regular webinars on a range of topics.

Contact us

IChemE's special interest groups are led by dedicated member volunteers. If you would like to be involved in the launch of this new technical networking community, then please contact Special Interest Groups with details about yourself and how you can help.

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