Please note that the referee requirements for Fellow have changed. The latest referee requirements can be found in the guidance.

Fellow (FIChemE) is IChemE’s highest grade of membership and recognises Chartered Members who are or have been in a position of senior responsibility in chemical engineering and who will have made a significant contribution to the profession through their experience, technical excellence and/or leadership skills.

Typically leaders, strategic advisors, influencers and/or subject experts in their field, Fellows are recognised as ambassadors for both the Institution and the profession. They may be called on to advise governments, industry sectors and international networks and act as the link between government, industry, academia and the community.

Fellows may be subject matter experts, who advance chemical engineering and its contribution to society by identifying solutions to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and to support IChemE’s strategy for engineering a sustainable future. They also significantly contribute to and influence the Institution’s strategic direction, eg by assisting the development of policy, helping to define and maintain the Institution’s high professional standards, and mentoring the next generation of chemical engineering professionals.

As an IChemE Fellow you have access to all membership resources and will benefit from:

  • being able to use FIChemE after your name as a clear statement of peer recognition of your standing within the profession
  • professional recognition of your seniority in chemical engineering
  • opportunities to shape the future of chemical and process engineering through IChemE’s events and leadership of discussions.


To become a Fellow you must meet (or have already met) the criteria for Chartered Membership and:

  • have made a significant contribution to, and demonstrated influence in chemical engineering, and
  • have been engaged in a sustained position(s) of senior responsibility for a suitable period. This would typically be five years. However, in cases of exceptional contribution to the profession this may be reduced to three years.

A balance will be drawn between the above two criteria. Significance of contribution and influence may offset time in a position of senior responsibility and vice versa.


Fellows of IChemE are eligible for the following additional registrations:

If you are already a Chartered Member, any registrations you already have will continue after your upgrade to Fellow.