Technician Member

Technician Member Stage 2: Initial Professional Development

Application portal changes:

From Tuesday 3 January to Friday 27 January our application portal will be unavailable for IPD applications whilst we make some changes. When the portal re-opens, draft applications will need to be restarted. Read more >>

Demonstrating the development of the required understanding, skill and professional attitude. This is known as Initial Professional Development (IPD). IPD can take place through structured training or it can be self-managed.

Exemption through an approved apprenticeship

IChemE approves apprenticeships that meet the educational base and initial professional development requirements for Technician membership. If you have completed an IChemE Approved Apprenticeship, and your training has been signed off by your scheme mentor and the apprenticeship manager, you will have satisfied the requirements for Stage 2.

By submitting a signed copy of your Approved Apprenticeship Completion Form via our application system, you will be exempt from further assessment for Stage 2.

Initial Professional Development Assessment

Potential applicants may not have had formal training leading to recognised qualifications but are able to demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary underpinning knowledge through substantial work experience. Such applicants can have their knowledge assessed individually.

To have your initial professional development assessed, please upload your IPD Submission Form and signed IPD Verification Form to our application system.