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Please read: Application system changes

IChemE’s membership processes and related systems are being upgraded. Technician Member applications should be submitted by 26 February 2021. Our new application system will be available from 1 April 2021. Learn more about our process improvement project.

Technician Member EngTech (TIChemE) is for those working in process engineering support roles across industry and academia. It provides evidence of your contribution to either the design/development, manufacture, (de)commissioning, operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes or services, and your commitment to professional engineering values. (RSciTech via Science Council is also available).

Technicians receive:

  • peer-reviewed proof of their chemical engineering competence
  • independent validation of their expertise via EngTech registration with Engineering Council
  • enhanced status in the workplace
  • a platform to work towards Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status
  • digital Technician Member logo to use on business cards, email signatures etc.


To become a Technician Member EngTech you must be able to satisfy the competence and commitment requirements. Typically, you will be able to demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • you have completed a technician training scheme within the chemical and process engineering industry
  • you have several years’ experience working as a technician
  • you have a chemical engineering qualification at level 3 or above
  • you work in the process industries and have a job title such as: process operator, instrument technician, pilot/research plant operator, lab technician, maintenance engineer, design technician.

How to apply

  • Check your qualification - if you have a qualification at level 3 (or above) check if it's approved by IChemE using the Engineering Council's Database of Technician Qualifications. (If it's higher than level 3, use Engineering Council's Accredited Course Search.) If your qualification doesn't appear on the above database, it may be covered by the Dublin Accord - visit their website to see if your qualification is covered by any of the signatories.
  • Check your training - if you've completed a technician training scheme, you can use the same Database of Technician Qualifications to check if it's approved by IChemE.
  • Identify your pathway - to become a Technician Member EngTech, all candidates need to complete our online application form and submit an EngTech Competence and Commitment Report. However, depending on your qualifications and experience there are four possible application pathways:

Please note: pathways 1 & 2 are still being developed and are not currently active. At present we expect all candidates to apply via pathway 3 or pathway 4.

Pathway 1: For candidates that have a qualification (at level 3 or above) approved by IChemE (or covered by the Dublin Accord) and have completed an IChemE approved technician training programme to develop competencies.

Pathway 2: For candidates that have completed an IChemE approved technician training programme that covers both the work-based learning and development competencies.

Pathway 3: For candidates that have a qualification (at level 3 or above) approved by IChemE (or covered by the Dublin Accord) but have not completed a technician training programme approved by IChemE.

Pathway 4: For candidates that do not have a qualification that's either approved by IChemE or covered by the Dublin Accord, and have not completed an IChemE approved training programme. If you need help to identify which pathway to follow, contact

Your online application

You'll need to provide the following information when you apply online:

  • choose your pathway when prompted
  • complete all sections of the online application form
  • upload a completed EngTech Competence & Commitment report, including supporter information
  • depending on your pathway, you may be asked to attend an interview (either in person, or remotely as needed).


Your supporters need to be able to verify your experience. One should be an engineer professionally-registered with any Engineering Council-listed institution; a signatory of the Washington Accord or of FEANI. The other should be someone who knows your work very well, usually your line manager. A third can be added if they are verifying certain aspects of your report.

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