Technician Member

Technician Member Stage 3: Professional Review

Application portal changes:

From Friday 6 January to Friday 27 January our application portal will be unavailable for Professional Review applications whilst we make some changes. When the portal re-opens, draft applications will need to be restarted. Read more >>

Once you have fulfilled the criteria for Stages 1 and 2 of the journey to professional registration, you are ready to commence Stage 3, the Professional Review, which is the final step to becoming an Technician Member. At the Professional Review stage, you demonstrate your competence and commitment to the profession.

The Professional Review comprises two components:

  • a review of documentary evidence (compulsory)
  • an interview (at the reviewers request).

Documentary evidence

Competence and Commitment Report

The main component of the documentary evidence is a Competence and Commitment (C&C) report. The report includes the following sections:

  • Section A: Evidence that you have the ability to use process related knowledge and understanding to apply technical and practical skills
  • Section B: Evidence that you’re able to contribute to one or more of the following: (de)commissioning, design/development, modification/refurbishment, manufacture, construction, operation/maintenance, quality assurance, cleanout, environmental/waste management of processes, systems, equipment or devices
  • Section C: Evidence of ability to accept and exercise personal responsibility
  • Section D: Evidence of use of effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Section E: Evidence of your personal commitment to appropriate codes of professional conduct; recognising obligations to society, the profession and the environment.

In order to prepare your C&C report, please download and complete the C&C report template and upload it to your application when you formally apply. 

Please note: The Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report template and guidance have been subject to minor updates (elements of section D2 have been moved into a new section, D3) in line with updated Engineering Council requirements. These changes came into effect from 7 February 2022 and all applicants will be required to use the updated C&C report template (v4). Any applications received on the old template will need to be revised, re-verified and resubmitted using the new template. If you have any queries please contact us


You must also provide details of two supporters for your application who can:

  • verify the contents of your C&C report; it is therefore important that they know your work. They will tick the elements of your report that they are verifying;
  • confirm that you are of the required level to become registered as an Engineering Technician.

One of your supporters should be an engineer professionally registered with any Engineering Council-listed institution; a signatory of the Washington Accord or of FEANI. The other should be someone who knows your work very well, usually your line manager. Of course, they may also be professionally registered but this is not necessary.

Once you have completed your C&C reports, send it to your chosen two supporters to review and ask them to complete the supporter/verification form, and send it back to you for upload as part of your application.

All sections of your C&C report must be verified. A third verifier may be approached if they are verifying certain aspects of your report. If you have any difficulty finding a supporter, we suggest you contact your local member group or special interest group, HR/personnel department within your company, or perhaps your (former) tutor. If you have exhausted these options, please email the membership team.


Once your Competence and Commitment report has been assessed, you will be informed if an interview is necessary. Interviews are not usually required but may be organised at the professional reviewer’s request. Should an interview be required we will contact you directly to arrange a suitable date, time and venue/media. If an interview is required, you will be provided with additional guidance.