Engineering a Sustainable World – The Chemical Engineering Challenge

IChemE’s goal is to help our members to engineer a sustainable world. To that end, we must show our members where and how they can use their skills to make a difference.

This is what Engineering A Sustainable World – the Chemical Engineering Challenge was created to do.

Based on the contributions from expert members from every walk of life and career path, we show which Sustainable Development Goals chemical engineers are best placed to help achieve.

We identify the industry sectors, the enablers, and the cross-cutting issues that drive the change. We show the context, the key technologies and areas of activity, the challenges and constraints, the contributions chemical engineers bring to the table, and the skills they require. The goal is to show individual chemical and process engineers how they can effect change; to show the employers of those engineers what actions they can take to support this change with their actions.

IChemE will use this report to underpin policy and outreach work, and prioritise development of resources and training materials, while calling on policymakers to recognise the role of chemical engineers in achieving a sustainable world.

Sustainability is, and will remain, at the very heart of everything IChemE does.

With our members and partners, we will engineer a sustainable world.

The Chemical Engineering Challenge

Drawing on the expertise and perspectives of IChemE’s global membership, the report develops a forward view about the profession, and describes the scope of the global technical challenges that chemical engineers are facing in the coming years.

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